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Leading Businesses Into The Emergent Future Of The Restored New Earth.

Ever wondered how entrepreneurs like ‘Richard Branson’ build hugely successful businesses, yet they spend most of their time doing what they love, staying fit & healthy, having fun & always have so much energy?

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Entrepreneur Harmonics

How Founders And CEOs Create Real Freedom By Scaling Their Business, Getting Their Time Back And Removing Themselves From The Business

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Welcome to my website. Thank you for being here!

Most people don’t know this, but I had my first business when I was only eight years old. So I’ve been doing business for thirty five years. Now, as a major shareholder in eight companies that I’ve either founded or invested in (and I mentor to several more), with so many years experience in business, I am attuned to the patterns of what makes businesses work. I have a very unique ability to tune into CEO’s, entrepreneurs and their teams, to see where their business is asking to evolve it in order to be part of the medicine that heals the world. My mission is to create and expand businesses that activate this movement of conscious leadership, to move humanity forward into this emergent future of restoration. The restoration of nature. The restoration of ancient and timeless wisdom. And the restoration of an abundant and connected humanity.

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We are driven by impact. Not just for the Monty Hooke group of companies to be successful and to make social contributions, but to create ripples amongst our teams, clients and the business community, working together to create waves of positive change.